Corporate Growth Strategy

Global Venture Investments (GVEST) works in partnership with your company to understand your growth needs and niche specialites. Through our industry- leading connections, we provide advice to identify high growth opportunities in global energy ventures. Our team has over 30 years experience in global energy business in key oil countries, especially in China and the former Soviet Union.



  • Our team was responsible for first foreign company discovery of oil offshore of China; first onshore field acquisition; first foreign coal bed methane project; first foreign contract in Bohai Bay.
  • Our team has 30 years of “understanding” the China markets and the importance of “guanxi” (the development of strong business and social relationships) to the success of China focused projects.
  • We have relationships established with leaders in key government and oil segments in China locally and nationally.

Former Soviet Union, including Russia

  • Our team has over 30 years of experience in technical operations and project management in Russia.
  • Team members led the exploitation of the potentially huge reserves north of the Arctic Circle in the Nenetsky Okrug on the shore of the Pechora Gulf in the Barents Sea in northern Russia during the 80s.
  • Same team that led the development of the largest international investment in Russia during the 80s.

Investment Evaluation & Portfolio Management


GVEST assists clients in evaluating the return on and value of global energy investment projects from all angles, from company strategy, to financial analysis, to legal review.  We work in collaboration with you to help you understand all implications of an investment opportunity and its impacts, and the best way to maximize the value of it.

Our team consists of respected financial leaders with experience in the financial review of high value energy investments and public-traded companies’ compliance requirements under Securities and Exchange Commission Regulations, including Sarbanes-Oxley compliance.


Access To Capital Market


We build our success through your company’s success. Growth strategies and investment opportunities require access of capital. With our unparalleled connection to the investment and banking community, we can facilitate your access to the capital market by offering our consultation and providing advice on fund-raising, corporate financing, and the IPO process.

Our team has a proven record in building small-cap development energy companies into publicly-listed companies.